Movies About Cards

Movies About Cards

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House of Cards (2013)

House of Cards
3.3 out of 4 stars

From Tucker Gates, starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Mahershala Ali
Rated TV-MA

House of Cards is a 2013 political thriller directed by Tucker Gates. The film follows Congressman Francis Underwood, a powerful and manipulative politician who plays a game of ruthless ambition in order to gain control of the US government. With the help of his wife and a powerful political strategist, Underwood begins to systematically break apart the government by orchestrating a series of political events and betrayals. As he moves closer to his ultimate goal, the stakes continue to rise and soon those around him become aware of the danger he poses. In a thrilling climax, Underwood must confront the consequences of his actions and the cost of ultimate power.


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