Movies About Community

Movies About Community

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Community (2009)

3.1 out of 4 stars

From Justin Lin, starring Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown
Rated TV-PG

Community is a 2009 American comedy-drama film directed by Justin Lin and starring an ensemble cast. The film centers on a group of students at Greendale Community College who form a study group and become friends. The group, which includes Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), Annie Edison (Alison Brie), Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown), Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase), Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), and Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), experiences personal growth and confronts various issues, such as racism and sexism, while at the same time attempting to craft a curriculum for their class. Despite their different backgrounds, the group learns to support each other and work together through friendship and humor as they strive to make the most of their college experience.


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